Rip Arrow Dripper Micro Drip Irrigation Kit Emitters Watering Micro Hose W5W0

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Description --> description: 100% high quality ◆ Labyrinth long flow channel arrow handle structure, diaphragm type steady flow The dripper, double guarantee, to ensure even water.
◆ Unique diversion disc, infiltration irrigation.
◆ Single arrow, double arrow, four arrow, etc.
can be grouped at will, construction is convenient.
◆ Working pressure: 0.
5bar, single arrow flow rate is 1.
0L / hr.
◆ It is the most suitable irrigator for irrigating potted plants, potted plants and seedlings.
Packing: 1pcs Thank you for your attention, any problem about the goods detail please do not hesitate contact us.
we will be ready to reply you ASAP.

Rip     Arrow     Dripper     Micro     Drip     Irrigation     Kit     Emitters     Watering     Micro     Hose     W5W0     

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