Micro Bubbler Drip Irrigation Adjustable Emitter Water Stake O3I1 R7A7


Description --> description: 100% high quality 1/4 "inch universal 360 degree drip irrigation sprinkler on barb-adjustable flow 0-18.
5 GPH suitable for 1/4 (4-7mm) drip irrigation tube-professional grade dripper for drip irrigation Size: Suitable for any 1/4 "size imperial tube-4 to 7 mm (can also be flushed into 1/2 dropper).
Prevent leaks and blowouts: These transmitters are designed to work under pressure: up to 25 PSI.
If your system exceeds this number, blowouts will occur and cause performance degradation.
Design: Barb design ensures that the tubing does not slip or blow off under high pressure and high temperature Environmental protection: supply water directly where you need it, don't spray too much! Easy to install: Install the transmitter directly into the 1/2 main pipe, or branch off with a 1/4 inch pipe and connect the joint to the end! A Dear buyer,Welcome to our store.
any problem about the goods detail please do not hesitate contact us.
we will be ready to reply you ASAP.

Micro     Bubbler     Drip     Irrigation     Adjustable     Emitter     Water     Stake     O3I1     R7A7     

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