Cylinder Aquarium Bubble Air Stone Fish Tank Aeration N4K3 Aerator V7D6 Dif G3C3


Description --> description: 100% brand new, high quality Bubble stone is commonly known as diffusion stone (shatou), durable, well ventilated, filtered, widely used: aeration and sewage treatment plants Stir to prevent deposition of large particle deposits and remove some organic matter.
Aquarium (fish farm) eutrophic water increases oxygen into the environment, biological farming increases oxygen Live fish and seafood transport increase oxygen.
Aquarium (purifier) purification, filtration and ozone sterilization and aeration.
Other required air diffusion processes are used.
Main material: Arenaceous, Plastic color: blue Dimensions: 4cm long, 1.
5cm in diameter, 2.
5cm long note: Suitable for hoses with an inner diameter of 4mm.
Immerse it in water for 15 minutes before use.
There are no air bubbles in it, please replace the pump with higher power.
If it is installed on a submersible pump, it will not work properly.

Cylinder     Aquarium     Bubble     Air     Stone     Fish     Tank     Aeration     N4K3     Aerator     V7D6     Dif     G3C3     

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