AT24C32 Real Time Clock RTC I2C DS1307 Module For AVR 51 ARM ARM CL Bid


Description --> New Arrival AT24C32 Real Time Clock RTC I2C DS1307 Module for AVR ARM PIC 51 ARM Promotion Features: This module is without battery(battery type is LIR2032) ,because we received the notice from the post office that they don\'t accecpt goods with batteries.
Therefore,please buy cautiously.
This is the DS1307 Real Time Clock developed by one of our designer waiman.
The module comes fully assembled and pre-programmed with the current time (ok, so it\'s our current time - MST).
The DS1307 is accessed via the I2C protocol.
Two wire I2C interface Hour : Minutes : Seconds AM/PM Day Month, Date - Year Size: 28x25x10mm Leap year compensation Accurate calendar up to year 2100 1Hz output pin 56 Bytes of Non-volatile memory available to user Package included 1 x AVR ARM PIC 51 New RTC I2C DS1307 AT24C32 Real Time Clock Module

AT24C32     Real     Time     Clock     RTC     I2C     DS1307     Module     For     AVR     ARM     ARM     CL     Bid     

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