Adjustable 360° Scattering Sprinklers Garden Irrigation Sprayers N2R4 Acc M5M5


Description --> description: 100% high quality The omnidirectional adjustable Yongquan nozzle can accurately adjust the irrigation volume and coverage (it can also be completely closed).
It can be selected according to terrain and wind.
Various forms of wind, water vapor atomization, aging have anti-oxidation and anti-blocking properties.
Combined use of fertilization to achieve compound water and fertilizer, suitable for planting in mountain areas, wind protection, evaporation of shrub crops.
In addition, the transmitter is also very suitable for irrigating potted plants.
specification: Connector interface size: 4 / 7mm hose Material: pompon Pressure: 0.
1 ~ 0.
2Mpa Spray diameter: about 0 2 2 m Flow: 0 90 90 l / h Packing: 1pcs Thank you for your attention, There are so many useful and cheap item in our store.
we will be ready to reply you ASAP.

Adjustable     360°     Scattering     Sprinklers     Garden     Irrigation     Sprayers     N2R4     Acc     M5M5     

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