80 Stück PH-Teststreifen Alkalische Säure 1-14 Papier Lackmus Urin Lab D7Y5


Description --> description 100% high quality This pH tester kit allows you to accurately test the pH of various substances, including food, aquarium / water, urine, soil, etc.
Approximate packaging size 70 x45mm 80 pieces per pack PH 1-14 color chart per pack Test strips Test strips change color within 15 seconds to match pH colorimetric table The ratio is as follows: 1-3 means high acidity 4-6 means acidic substance 7 means neutral 8-11 means alkaline substance 12-14 means very high alkalinity

Stück     PH-Teststreifen     Alkalische     Säure     1-14     Papier     Lackmus     Urin     Lab     D7Y5     

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