100pcs Pink Red Climbing Rose Seeds Perennial Flower Plant Decor Garden C3C6


Description --> description: 100% high quality Type: Climbing Rose Seed Color: as shown Plant height: 6-13 feet Hardness zone: 2-11 Lighting requirements: shade Sowing season: all seasons Blooming time: Spring / Summer / Autumn Seeding method: seeding after layering Quantity: 1 pack (due to manual counting, there are about 100 seeds, the quantity is more or less 3-5.
Please make sure you don't mind before buying, thank you !!!) Planting instructions: Roses on the soil are not very demanding.
As long as they have the following humus soil aggregate structure, as long as the following three links can make them grow well, they can be well trained: Roses are drought-tolerant plants but are afraid of flooding.
Soil must be grown without glazed bonsai.
The principle is "Don't pour water on the soil when it is not dry.
When you pour water on the soil, completely wet it" High concentrations of fertilizers (especially fertilizers) can lead to local rot and death All plants need sunlight.
Roses are like sunlight.
Fertilizer should be applied regularly in summer and fertilized water every 15 to 20 days to prevent seedlings from burning.
Autumn pruning should prevent overgrowth, flowering and plant type beauty There are many rose aphids, we must pay attention to control Package Included: 100 x Climbing Rose Seeds A

100pcs     Pink     Red     Climbing     Rose     Seeds     Perennial     Flower     Plant     Decor     Garden     C3C6     

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